Transform Yourself with Storytelling

Michael de Groot - Blog
4 min readAug 23, 2022
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I’ve been a storyteller all my life and so have you. Welcome to our world of storytelling.

I’ve not always known this and perhaps you haven’t either or maybe you will realise once you’ve read this.

It was around 2009 I started to become aware that I was an outstanding storyteller. This is when I discovered my own creative ability to produce whiteboard animations. Showreel enclosed to illustrate what they are.

When clients asked me to create one for them and they gave me their scripts, I held my head in my hands in despair. The scripts were boring and were basically adverts. They said, here’s my product or service, please buy me.

I know the purpose of any advert is for people to buy a product or service of course I do. But unless you have thousands or millions in your budget to use the hammer on a rock method, you can repeat your advert daily until it has been hammered into your prospect’s brain. The brain being the rock which eventually will develop a huge dent to make the information (ad) stay there forever or at least for a very long time. But this is an expensive and a very time consuming method. I’m not saying it won’t work and most small businesses (my ideal clients) don’t have deep pockets to be able to afford constant advertising.

You’d be better off sharing a story. Let me explain why. You and I learnt about stories as soon as we were born. We couldn’t speak or maybe even understand what these people around us were saying but we learnt to make sense of their noises and expressions. It’s how we learnt body language. We then also learnt that when our tiny body was hungry we could make a very very loud noise by crying which almost immediately made the food (mother’s milk) come to us. Just like a delicious takeaway.

This continued for a while until my and your parents decided to read stories to us every single day. Believe it or not you and I never got bored of these stories we loved them and we also wanted to hear the same story every single day and we never got bored…