So, what’s it like in the Rabbit Hole?

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4 min readAug 11, 2017


Getting sucked into Social Media, is like going down the Rabbit Hole and getting lost

Whilst being active on social media, our objectives are essentially selfish. Let’s be honest, we can list our desires from social in a very short list.

  1. Wanting to get noticed.
  2. Wanting to get noticed.
  3. Wanting to get noticed.

The advice for getting noticed runs in the millions of posts across the web. It is literally deafening and equally overwhelming. There is so much stuff out there that we have gone blind. Our brains are zoning out the noise, our subconscious has been trained to ignore the majority of content that’s being pushed out in front of us. The major social networks are managing to convince us that to get noticed you have to advertise, organic content isn’t going to hack it.

Unless you make a conscious effort to seek content out for a particular and motivational reason, you are actually ignoring most things. Again they are hoping that advertising will make a difference to this.

However the most engaged conversations that I witness is when someone posts a controversial comment, accuses a big corporate of bad service or they say something about themselves that is deeply personal. After all we are very very curious (nosey) and interested in other people’s bad news or controversy. The, let’s call it, old fashioned media have known this for centuries. The bad and controversial news about government leaders, business and celebrities is what interests people the most. Good news stories don’t sell newspapers or online clicks for the advertisers.

Just pause for a moment. What was the last good news story you remember? Please do share it in the comments below, we all love hearing a good news story, there’s so much bad news out there.

We are all ‘social media-holics’ in one way or another. Granted there will be people not on social media yet, but have a look at the stats, they are astounding.

3 Billion active social media users on the planet and growing every single day. Facebook has a mission to get Africa on the internet for one primary reason, allow them to get onto Facebook.

LinkedIn has a mission to create economic opportunity for every member of the global workforce, last count there are 3 billion of those! Their platform is at half a billion currently, so they have some distance to travel and no doubt they will do it.

Can you imagine how much content is going to be posted on these platforms when developing nations achieve massive internet access in the remotest parts of the world?

All the social platforms know that the western world are highly addicted and eventually will start dropping of members, so they have to look at other nations in the world to keep their billions of revenue coming in.

Nothing wrong with that of course, except creating more addicts in the world, more ‘social media-holics’.

If you have managed to cut through the noise and found this article, well done to you!

My advice to you and I’m only talking to you directly, nobody else.

Reduce your social media posting to just one post per day of your own content. Then spend more time if you wish, on just one platform of your choice, engaging with your connections’ content.

And with that I mean real conversations not a link post as such.

Just do this once per day, spend just 20-minutes researching your connections and respond to their real conversations.

That’s it, it’s my new minimalism social media strategy.

Looking forward to having more meaningful conversations with you.

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