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5 min readJul 18, 2022

Let me start by making it crystal clear that you will only be able to host a LinkedIn Audio Event if you have ‘creator mode’ enabled. However anyone is able to join a LinkedIn Audio Event and joining events together with creator mode enabled is a really great way to ensure that you get the ability to host LinkedIn Audio earlier than most.

Creator Mode Help:

Once ‘creator mode’ is on, LinkedIn will eventually and automatically provide you with the ability to host a LinkedIn Audio event. There’s no timeframe on how long this will take, I had creator mode on for months and only after attending several LinkedIn Audio events and checking daily did I notice that ‘Audio Events’ was enabled. I received no notification and there was no indication that I had gotten the feature. Now I have LinkedIn Live, Audio Event and Newsletters as part of my Creator Tools.

Now that I have it, I can start hosting audio events. In my humble opinion, I believe the 3 major platforms for Social Audio will eventually be Clubhouse (obviously number 1), Twitter Spaces and LinkedIn Audio. There are probably about a dozen platforms out there, but only these three I believe will have serious traction.

Clubhouse started this revolution and I do like Clubhouse, but the hype has slowed down, well you would expect that, but their level of innovation is off the charts, they are setting the standard and that’s why I will still like to be involved somehow. I don’t believe I will be hosting many rooms though, but speaking in some rooms is definitely on the Agenda.

Why is LinkedIn Audio a bit different from the others?

  • One huge difference with LinkedIn Audio it’s available on mobile as well as desk/laptop. This is potentially very useful, for example I am able to connect my podcasting microphone to LinkedIn Audio, as it is already connected to my desktop computer. I am able to navigate LinkedIn to look at guest profiles without losing audio connection.
  • Simplicity is noticeable. Maybe that could be a negative if you’re used to the feature rich Clubhouse, but personally I like it. Less is always more and it means the learning curve is definitely shorter.
  • Having attended other LinkedIn Audio events, the hosts have very cleverly used emojis as a way to stay engaged with the listening audience. On Clubhouse they didn’t have emojis early on, so there they tend to use microphone flashing as a way to have listeners engage with the host.
  • Because the audio feature resides inside ‘events’ it means there are some clear advantages to this. You are able to invite people in your own network to join the event and you are also then able to message them individually from the event page. When people who are not in your 1st level network join the event, you are also able to message them directly.
  • On desk/laptop the host and attendees can also add comments, quite useful if you want them to add some questions. Hopefully they will add the feature to mobile, as of course most people join using their mobile phones.
  • It is also possible to create a LinkedIn messaging group, but only with 1st level connections right now, hopefully it will be expanded to all attendees.

What is currently missing from LinkedIn Audio?

  • Being able to record your room and conversations is a must really, both Clubhouse and Twitter Spaces do this and of course we want it inside LinkedIn too.
  • However if you are using it via your desk/laptop it means you can use whatever recording software you may already have on your computer. I will definitely be trying that out.
  • Discovery of audio events is terrible, at the moment the only way to find audio events is to do a search for ‘audio events’ or go to your network tab and scroll down until you see the ‘audio events for you’ section, where you can click ‘see all’ and have a full list of upcoming events. However I couldn’t locate my own event on my list, but when I asked my wife to look she could see it.
  • My biggest recommendation is having a new section on our profiles, showing the events that we are hosting or have hosted/attended. That way it showcases all your events, whether Live Video or Audio. Plus it should be available to navigate to from the top menu bar inside LinkedIn.

Images below of the two discovery options:

  1. Search for “audio events” in the search bar and then select “events” from the different filter options.

2. Go to ‘your network’ tab, scroll down until you see ‘audio events for you’.

Other potential advantages by being on LinkedIn with Audio:

  • On Clubhouse users can create Clubs and they also are beta testing a brand new feature called Houses.
  • On LinkedIn, we can create groups, which means you can suggest attendees to join your group and continue the conversation and keep them posted about upcoming audio events too.
  • I have a LinkedIn group that I formed a few weeks ago called ‘Social Audio Community’ with the objective to grow the conversations on Social Audio. My very first LinkedIn Audio event is called ‘Social Audio Community Chat’, so I am making the two linked in some way, so there’s continuity for listeners. From a branding perspective I am carrying through the red ‘quote marks’.

I hope you’ll be able to join a future Social Audio Community Chat and start getting ready for LinkedIn Social Audio.

Success! ツ

~ Michael —

Originally published at on July 18, 2022.